Baby Bliss!


So I’ve been in Atlanta visiting friends & family the last few days and I’ve enjoyed every minute! I especially enjoyed “sprinkling” my best friend, Kat with a few goodies yesterday!

I co-hosted with some amazing gals (shout out to Dani & Kacy) a “Baby Sprinkle” for the Mayos in anticipation of their (soon-to-be) new addition, baby Asher! Can I please tell you how much fun this baby shower was!? From the get go I was SO excited about all of the creative aspects and planning that went into this storybook themed baby sprinkle! Since this is Kat & Kenny’s second rodeo, we decided to call it a “baby sprinkle” in order to get a few boyish things around the Mayo casa.  In true Steffie fashion I took a bunch of photos because I couldn’t wait to share the  fun ideas we came up with/modified from Pinterest for the shindig…

Theme: Storybook/ Build a Library for the Baby!



Lox & Cream Cheese Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

Pasta Salad Strega Nona

Meatballs Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Vegetable Platter The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Deviled Eggs Green Eggs and Ham



Baby Bellini


Fruit Salad The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Red Velvet Cupcakes w/Cream Cheese Frosting Cat In The Hat

Cookies with Shots of Milk  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Muffins If You Give a Mouse a Muffin


Honey Jars : I used the quote from Winnie The Pooh-A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of hunny left inside.” 


Onesie Decorating Station– I die cut (with the help of the crafty Lyons pair) a bunch of fabric into bears, ducks, and dogs for easy ironing.  In addition, I  created templates just in case they wanted to choose their own fabric and iron on a tie, mustache, or airplane. There were also fabric pens that could be used for freestyle drawing or adding a little note!   The guests then ironed  the fabric onto white onesies –  Once the crafting was over, the guests clothes-pinned the onesie to a line so that everyone could admire the cuteness!


Kacy found the cutest games! These were so much fun…

Safety pen Game: You start out the shower with 1 safety-pin and if you say “Baby” then you have to give your pen to whomever heard you utter the word!

How well do you know the mommy-to-be: You answer a few questions & see if your answers match up to the mommy-to-be’s answers!


Fabric Bunting Banner w/Asher’s Name Monogrammed! The Lyons and I crafted a fabric bunting banner with Asher’s name on it to be used for decor and function as a possible piece for his nursery! I couldn’t of tackled this craft without them! They are so talented!

Yellow Roses & Floating Candles- Dani decorated the table with some yellow roses and floating candles- It really gave a clean look and a little pop of color!

Rubber Duckies floating in small vases- Dani found this idea on Pinterest & they were SO cute!

Diaper wreath- Dani crafted this adorable wreath from diapers & baby details!

Here are some pictures so that you can see how everything came together…





Onesie Craft Station:


Gift Idea:

Click Here to view the other cute photos captured from today’s “Baby Sprinkle”

Kitty Kat, Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate you & the little dude!

I’m already so in love with him!

You are such an incredible wife, mommy, & friend! S

o blessed to have you in my life!

Love you too pieces!!!

xo, Steffie

2 thoughts on “Baby Bliss!

  1. Stef, you girls did such an incredible job with the food, games and decor! Such cute ideas! Beautiful job by you all! I hated to not be there, but thanks to your beautiful photography, I not have pictures to go with my thoughts. Thanks for keeping such an awesome record of it all. Asher will enjoy reading about his “sprinkle” one day!

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